There is a sense of discovery as one follows the tree-lined road leading up to the villas, it introduces the built mass as a solid core; it is only upon entering the premises that one suddenly experiences the expanse of double height volume and the indoor-outdoor feel. Landscape and lighting design play an essential role in the project. Skylights create indoor courtyards bathed in light, adding an element of excitement to indoor spaces. Outdoor areas and even indoor courtyards, namely the staircase and dining courtyards abound with greenery. The open floor plan makes the Living - Dining – Swimming Pool and Deck areas feel like an expansive lounge. The indoor/outdoor boundaries disappear as every room opens up to a private outdoor space.

Programme: Architecture | Residential

Scale: 8365 sft

Year: 2013

Team: Abraham John, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu, Niranjan Fulsundar, Bhavika Chauhan, Amey Mhatre

Location: Khandala

Status: Complete