The Pavilion was built on an existing underground water tank that dictated the foot print of the structure. Glass became the primary material for construction as the Pavilion was sited amidst lush tropical greenery. Glass not only formed the walls but also the roof in the form of a strategically placed skylight opening up to the view of a large jackfruit tree above blurring the boundaries between the inside and the outside.

The structural members were mainly the wooden door frame acting as columns and wooden rafters supporting the roof that were left exposed to the interior. An existing stone compound wall formed the fourth edge of the Pavilion accentuating its natural material palette.

The architecture of the Pavilion is a minimalist expression of structure, space and materiality. 

Programme: Architecture | Residential

Scale: 350 sft

Year: 2015

Team: Abraham John, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu, Niranjan Fulsundar, Prachi Donde, Neha Gupta

Location: Mumbai

Status: Completed