Location: Bandra, Mumbai

Year: 2017

Programme: Public Space

Status: Under Construction

Scale: 1530sqm

Team: Abraham John, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu, Adrien Le Pen

St Stephen's Church is a historic landmark in the locality of Bandra. The St Stephen's Steps are directly aligned with the Gate of the St. Stephen’s Church and design strategies are proposed in accordance with the surroundings. The proposal includes a 15.3 metres high, 88 meters long and 12 meters wide concrete staircase with the inclusion of a ramp to allow ease of access to pedestrians and also compose a barrier free public space. The flight of stairs breaks at its mid landing into a central gathering area. An open air theatre along with a children's play area have been introduced to the space to encourage various communal events and recreational activities among the local population. The design also manages the addition of urban necessities with the provision of a zebra crossing, a raised platform on both sides and bollards for the demarcated area lying parallel to the road.