Turning the railways into Greenways...

The Railways in Bombay define the linear city of 21 million & dictate how 7.7 million people travel daily! It is undoubtedly the most important transport solution in Bombay.

THE BOMBAY GREENWAY PROJECT (TBGP) proposes to create over 1000 acres of urban green space in a city deprived of recreational space – less than 1 sq.m/person in Bombay currently, in sharp contrast to 31.68 sq.m/person in London.
The train travelling population in Bombay is estimated at about 7.7 million DAILY commuters (equal to the population of Switzerland, no less!)

This Railway into Greenway proposal aims to transform the daily travel experience.
For the first time in the city's history, it provides a framework to guide land use along the entire 114 kms railway line. 

TBGP aims to avoid more than 4000 casualties on the railway tracks every year! This proposal directly affects about 21 million (the population of Bombay) or approximately 3 in 1000 people in the world!

This Greenway over the existing railway lines – a flat, traffic & stress free space; (114kms with an average width of 35m) would be an environment-friendly transport + leisure solution, turning Bombay into a truly 21st century city (in terms of green space & connectivity).


Programme: Urban Planning | Public Space

Scale: 1000 Acres / 114 km Length along the Railways

Year: 2012

Team: Abraham John, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu, Bhavika Chauhan, Prachi Donde

Location: Mumbai

Status: Proposed

Awards:  WINNER. International Urban Planning & Urban Design Competition, 15 April 2013, Velo-City, Austria

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“If you plan a City for cars and traffic, you get cars and traffic.
If you plan for people and places, you get people and places.”
– Fred Kent