Location: Sangolda, Goa, India

Year: 2016-2018

Programme: Architecture | Residential

Status: Built

Scale: 1300 sqm

Team: Abraham John, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu, Niranjan Fulsundar, Neha Gupta, Vatsal Mistry


Architcture Masterprize 2018

International Property Awards, Asia Pacific 2018

Villa in the Palms has been designed around nature, exhibiting great warmth through its use of natural elements. Sloping roofs pay homage to the monsoons and the concept & footprint for the Villa have been dictated by the twenty coconut trees that thrived for decades on the land. The building volumes occupy the spaces in-between the trees, orienting themselves for the best views of the fields around. Bridges, pools & covered decks meander through the trees to connect these volumes. The building design adopts distinct features of Goa with local laterite stone walls and wooden screens while the landscape development is conceived with local tropical species that maintain their lush greenery through the year. The Villa is entirely sustainable and eco-friendly, and the overall structure is fragmented rather than monolithic, reminiscent of an old-time Goan village but at the same time entirely modern.